Sadie Dreams of Coney Island

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About the Book

In 1917 on New York City’s Lower East Side, Baruch Rosenfeld, following Jewish tradition, invites a beggar to join his family for the Passover Seder. Baruch’s good deed backfires. He and his wife Rebekah and their children Nathan, Jacob, and Sadie are trapped in time. They don’t age, they can’t leave their three-room apartment, and the outside world believes they disappeared without a trace. The family finds individual ways to deal with their imprisonment. Sadie Rosenfeld, the youngest, creates a rich fantasy life in which a handsome suitor escorts her to Coney Island, a wonderful place she’s never been to but always dreamed about.

A hundred years later, Meir Poppers, a young kishef macher— Jewish magician—discovers the Rosenfelds. His efforts to free them are blocked by rivals, ancient spells, and his own self-doubt. When Meir finally reaches the trapped family, he and Sadie must make decisions that will change their lives forever.


“If you want magic of an especially warm-hearted, hilarious, poignant, and insightful variety, this is the book for you. Mickey Dubrow’s Sadie Dreams of Coney Island is a thorough delight.”

Steve Stern, author of The Village Idiot

“When Esther Luna discovers a family of ghosts living in New York’s Tenement Museum, she calls upon Meir Poppers, a lonely Jewish miracle worker, to liberate them, and everyone’s life is changed in the process. In Sadie Dreams of Coney Island, Mickey Dubrow has given us a sweet and soulful comedy filled with match makers, magic makers, mischief makers, portents and potions. This is a funny and wise book about time and love.” 

Joseph Skibell, author of A Blessing on The Moon and A Curable Romantic

“Jewish magic, an unfinished Seder, a tenement family trapped in a time bubble, mysterious men in black, the delicious aroma of schmaltz, and a little girl, dreaming of Coney Island with Herschel, her imaginary boyfriend. Dubrow’s charming fantasy is rich in fascinating ethnic detail and engaging characters.”

Vicki Lane, author of And the Crows Took Their Eyes and the Elizabeth Goodweather Mysteries

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