Love and Lies at Martha’s Hair Done Right

About the Book

Lovers and liars come together in Martha’s Hair Done Right. 

The only way Polly Swift can get close to the person she loves is by telling a lie. The lie will grow bigger and more dangerous the longer she keeps the truth hidden. Polly isn’t the only one in the bucolic mountain town of Red Fox, Georgia telling lies for the sake of love. Tracie Swafford spikes her children’s apple juice so that they’ll sleep while she’s cheating on her husband. Her lie is growing inside her and getting bigger every day she keeps it hidden. The town slut Anita Cox hides a runaway from a foodie cult in her bedroom. Mansoor Amin carries a torch for the ladyboy he left behind in India. And then there’s the mysterious Fox God. Is he really a god or is he telling lies too?

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